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Proper Securing of Sliding Door Locks

Unfortunately, sliding doors are considered to be favourite points for entering and leaving a building for a great number of robbers and burglars. The reason for it consists in the fact that these doors frequently have a poor security. Often in order to remove them it is enough to push them open with a greater force. However, it's wrong to think that sliding doors are completely insecure.

Most of sliding glass doors are equipped with a central latch which differ not only in quality but also in security. In most sliding door locks there is a key facility either on one side only or both sides. But unfortunately, even this facility often proves ineffective in strengthening the door lock. Most of these doors mainly rely on a keeper that frequently turns out to be too weak to resist the outside force. It's worth reminding that a keeper is a part of the lock installed on the door frame.

Some newer models of sliding doors are equipped with internal bolts which deadlock the door either at the top or the bottom side or even at both of them. If there are those vertical bolts on your sliding door then you are probably completely satisfied by the offered security.

It's important to mention that the most effective and cheapest method of securing a sliding a door is the patio bolt that is quite easy to install, however, a great number of users prefer to use the help of professional installers - locksmiths. The carbine patio bolt is considered to be the best lock designed for domestic use available in the modern market.

Patio bolts have to be installed in such a way to enable the door open and close slightly at a gap of 10cm for ventilation. However, it's mainly recommended when the home is filled with people, in other cases you may keep your door securely shut.

If you're looking for a high quality central sliding door lock, you're advised to consider the ones offered by company Whitco Blaxland. It will provide you with a great choice of sliding door locks to all tastes and needs.

Sliding security door locks offer great ventilation in combination with security but may often cost more than they are worth of. So, before making the final choice consider different options. For additional ventilation you can lift your sliding glass doors off the bottom track. In case if your door can be raised more than about 1cm, it's a wise idea to apply a plastic or wooden block as well as a few screws at the top track. This will prevent the door from lifting.

The next reasonably priced method of securing a sliding door is by locating a piece of broomstick or wooden rod in the bottom track of your door. This method, however, proves functional only if the sliding section is located on the inside but still it is very cheap and effective.

According to the law, the glass used in the production of the doors should be safely laminated. Even if broken, laminated glass is safe for the use due to the glue between the pieces of glass. Due to this glue the glass pieces are held together. You can further strengthen the glass with security film.

Nowadays, many insurance companies should have a sliding door that can be locked with a key only. But still the patio bolt is the most effective and the cheapest way to secure a sliding door because the door is bolted on the inside. As you can see, securing sliding door locks isn't difficult at all, if you have a desire to do it and to make an online research.