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Modern Bathroom Ideas

You may consider yourself to be a lucky person because nowadays if you wish to redesign your bathroom you will be provided with a wide range of modern bathroom ideas which include different kinds of bathroom furniture and colour therapy lighting as well as spa baths and sound systems. The choice is wider than it used to be ever. However, if you are planning to do some grand changes in your bathroom you're advised to use the service of true professionals in this sphere. You will need to hire a designer if you are going to change the plumbing and drainage system in your bathroom. This professional will weigh all practical and structural considerations of yours to make the room as functional as possible. Such specialist bathroom showrooms as Ripples and CP Hart and Original Bathrooms will gladly offer you the designers who will organize the installation as well.

The DIY stores including B&Q and Wickes, will provide their customers with in-store planning. Unfortunately, these stores will not advise much, except for the question of main elements. You will not be offered to solve some more serious problems as well. Planning the list of what to buy for your bathroom design, use the plan of your bathroom where all the current fittings are marked. Get aware of the location of your water-heating system as well as its type in order to select the proper fittings.

Choosing the Basins

One of the main modern bathroom ideas is the choice of the best basin for your bathroom. Their choice is extremely wide today including wide and shallow designs. You will also find basins of unusual irregular shapes. These items can be located into the work surface itself, wall-mounted (then the towel storage and shelves will be below), or placed as part of a basin unit. Round and deep basins are very popular as well. These items can be also lacquered or teamed with dark wood. You can decorate a basin with beautiful chrome taps and suitable accessories.

Choosing the Baths

No one can deny the fact that a bath plays one of the most important roles in any bathroom and, fortunately, their choice in the modern market is just unlimited. You can find modern roll-top styles which are frequently mounted on blocks or in a cradle. Such a bathtub should be located in the very centre of a large bathroom. On the other hand, non-freestanding baths should be surrounded by the tiles or timber. You will be surprised with a number of new materials used for production of baths: wood, stone, and cast-stone composites. If you're looking for a bath of larger size, ensure that you have high-rate hot-water system before its installation. Some people think that a shower is better than a bath and then they feel disappointed that they have a shower only, so it's recommended to think well before choosing it.

Choosing the Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture is another excellent modern bathroom idea. It's mainly made of wood, including mahogany, ebony, and wenge, which look perfect in combination with chrome or stainless-steel bathroom fittings and white sanitary ware.

Paying Attention To The Walls

When it comes to walls and flooring, most of people use tiles of different colors and patterns. If you wish to decorate your bathroom walls with fully tiles make sure that they are well heated to demonstrate the image in the best way. For this your bathroom needs to have good ventilation, underfloor heating or a heated towel rail.

Choosing the Brassware

If you have an understated bath and basin, use bold and angular brassware for your bathroom. Most of brassware has satin and matt finishes which offer a soft tender look. It's really beautiful if the taps are arched and showerheads are large, especially when the room is wet. You probably know that hard water makes nice brassware dull rather quickly, so it's recommended to regularly dry and clean the taps. Choosing brassware remember that there're two groups of these products: those for high- and for low-pressure water heating systems.

Everything About Steam Cabinets and Wet Rooms

Wet rooms can be truly called the most preferred types of showers nowadays, so it is another modern bathroom idea. It means that you can use the whole bathroom to take the shower and this room needs a special waterproof membrane that costs minimum ?2,000. So, before, creating a wet room consult a professional in this sphere to consider such points as the capacity of the drainage system and the rate of water flow.

Of course, you can get a semi-wet room, frequently called a walk-in shower. It looks much like a wet room, but there're glass panels that screen off the dry part of the room. Walk-in shower enclosures contain a tray and side and front panels, but have no door that closes completely. Thus, this area serves as a drying-off space as well.

If you don't have enough money to create a wet room, you could opt for a spa-like bathroom that has a steam cabinet. It has a steam generator and a seat and is fully closed with a roof. Some models of steam cabinets offer also Chromatherapy (colour therapy) that proves to be useful for human health. If there is too little space in your bathroom, consider over-bath showers and steam cabinets from Jacuzzi.

Every wet room should have shower fittings mounted on the ceiling. If you wish to create a new shower in your current enclosure, purchase a shower panel from Triton, for instance. It has a fixed showerhead and a hand-held spray with different body jets. Company Aqualisa will provide you with remote-control showers. It has to be mentioned that the Grohe Wireless shower can be controlled from any part of the house.